Friday, August 15, 2008


OK folks... It is me... I am battling some stuff right now regarding my dads death 3 years ago that I still have not really dealt with. Plus current events here in the home with my mom and older sister. I am trying to figure all this out and have consulted many peeps. However, it is all to personal right now to even write about it in this moment. I will eventually just be patient with me. I am trying. I thank those of you whom have offered advice and experience. it has been helpful. thanks for you patients...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


OK folks I will know on the 11th, however, I feel like I am heading for surgery on my shoulder for the torn rotator cuff. I have been doing my physical therapy but it still if VERY painful and not gaining much. I will know on the 11th when I see the doctor. I could use all the prayer I can get during this time. I will keep doing what I can to avoid surgery. We shall see.... thanks for the support.